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Kacey Musgraves Billboard cover story by Natalie Weiner
The Highwomen feature for the New York Times by Natalie Weiner
Ariana Grande Billboard cover story by Natalie Weiner
WNBA and social justice feature for the New York Times by Natalie Weiner
2020 WNBA season preview for the New York Times by Natalie Weiner
Jazz myths debunked for the Washington Post by Natalie Weiner
Sam Hunt 'Southside' review for Pitchfork by Natalie Weiner
Chris Potter cover story for JazzTimes by Natalie Weiner
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Natalie Weiner is a Dallas-based freelance journalist and critic who specializes in covering music and sports. She has written for the New York Times, Rolling Stone, NPR, the Washington Post, JazzTimes and Pitchfork, and worked on staff at Billboard, Bleacher Report and SB Nation. 

Within the music world, she has a particular interest in country and jazz, as well as the history of popular music. Along with writer Marissa Moss, she founded the country music newsletter Don't Rock The Inbox. She recently completed the 1959 Project, a 365-day deep dive in to the jazz music produced during that historic year. You can learn more about it in her interviews with Switched on PopWBGO, the Dub Lab show Calling In A Favor, and the Straight No Chaser podcast, as well as on Open Culture.

Other appearances and interviews include MSG Network’s People Talking Sports*, BRIC TV’s 112BK video podcast, All Things Considered, the Nation's Edge of Sportsthe 30 Letter, the Times’ Popcast (a few times), a couple of jazz panelsForbes, the Burn It All Down podcast, the always-fabulous Peltoncast, the Because of Sports podcast, the Just Not Sports podcast and more. Yes, they did a segment inspired by her less-than-optimal last name on NPR’s Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me

In sports, she focuses on the ways current politics and culture impact athletes, covering everything from NFL practice squads to the intersection of gun violence and high school football to (mostly) women and non-cisgender men's long battle to compete equally. She currently has a weekly column at Fanbyte called Good Form, where she explores all these issues and more. 

She is perhaps best known for the podcast she co-hosts with Jonny Auping, Rebawatchables — the world's only known recap show for the hit sitcom Reba. 

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Natalie's literary agent is Matt Carlini at Javelin, you can reach him at

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